A breathtaking design, world class finishes, uplighting, downlighting and reading lighting: all of these features are combined into this prestigious torchiere, our Ultimate Lighting Machine.

This torchiere provides 300 Watts (5 x 60 W) of halogen light. Safety is provided by our HPN Safety System including a tilt switch, a heat control switch and a fully enclosed bulb compartment.

The sidearm is lit with a double-ended, 100-Watt halogen bulb. Halogen light is rivaled only by the sun with respect to quality and quantity. Our Holtkötter Leuchten Secundum dimming technology allows you to adjust the light levels from romantic hues all the way up to daylight-like brightness.

Holtkotter 2501 Charside Reading Lamp


300 Watt max.
5 x Q 60 - 120 V/max. 60 Watt (each)
Halopin Bulb By Osram
Order Code: 9250 * 060 - HPNCL

Q 100 T3 / S - 120 V / max. 100 Watt 
Double-Ended Halogen Bulb
Order Code: 9250 * 100 - T3/s

$ 1,398.00